This Week - Going Red For Rise Against Hunger

Our front page looks a little different this week! Why? We want to remind everyone to take part in our Rise Against Hunger event on August 12. Click the links below to donate, volunteer, and learn more about this incredible organization.

Together, we can pack 100,000 meals!

Money Raised

Goal: $29,000     Current Total: 23,977


July Worship Schedule

We will have blended worship services throughout the month of July in the Sanctuary at 10:30 AM.
We hope you'll join us for our Join Together July discussion beforehand in the Gathering Room at 9:15 AM


Goal: 500      Current Total: 330


New Schedule Begins August 5

Our Sunday schedule will change to the following
9:45 AM  -  Sunday School
9:45 AM  -  Modern Worship
11:00 AM  -  Traditional Worship

Upcoming Events