About the Series

There are many loud voices in our world today which seem to speak on behalf of God.  There are also voices which tell us we aren’t good enough, or powerful enough, or rich enough, to really matter.  

Surely this is not God talking.

God has created each one of us and loves us dearly.  God makes a number of covenants in the Old Testament which help us understand God’s intention for humanity.  Covenants are typically made between God and an individual, but they are always seeking good for all of God’s creation.  God desires to be in relationship with us and for us to be in relationship with others and the world.  God desires for us to have life and to value life.  God desires for us to recognize that we are significant to God.  God desires for us to understand and value our freedom  and to use our freedom to worship God.  God desires for us to recognize that God is willing to forgive us, and that we should be willing to offer forgiveness to others.  These are promises that scripture reveals to us about who God is and who we are in relationship to God and the world around us.


Weekly Topics

January 7  |  Relationship
Genesis 2:4-17

January 14  |  Life
Genesis 9:8-17

January 21  |  Significance
Genesis 12:1-9

January 28  |  Freedom
Deuteronomy 6:20-24

February 4  |  Forgiveness
Isaiah 55:6-9, 12-13

Join us in January as we explore the promises made to us by God.

Traditional Services: 8:30 am & 11:00 am  |  Modern Service: 9:50 am