Lent is a season of preparation and reflection as we remember the sacrifice of our Lord. During this season we have before us the greatest gift we have ever received. This year, in observance of this gift, we invite you to make Lent a season of giving. We’re calling it The Big Give. Each week in worship we will have an opportunity to sacrifice on behalf of those in need so that our Lenten disciplines may bless others in the name of the One who gave everything for us.

March 10 & 17

Food drive benefitting Norcross co-op

Are you giving up takeout for lent this year? What if you took what you spent on ordering food and used it to buy food for the Norcross Co-Op instead? As a part of our Big Give month, we encourage you to use what you're giving up for lent as a way to give to others.

Bring your food donations to worship March 10 & 17!

The Mission Committee has chosen Norcross Cooperative Ministry as their Mission for the first quarter in 2019. Foods needed are canned meats, cereal, peanut butter/jelly, soup and packaged microwavable foods. Food bags may be placed in the pantry located behind the Welcome Desk in the Narthex.

March 24

Special Offering to the North Georgia Housing and Homeless Council

During lent, we are encouraging you to GIVE BIG! Did you give up your favorite latte? Are you resisting the urge to buy that pint of ice cream?

What if every time you were tempted to buy those things, you set the money aside to give to the Housing & Homeless Council - North Georgia United Methodist instead?

Bring the money you've saved to worship on March 24 to donate to the Special Offering for the Housing and Homeless Council.

March 31

Special Offering to UMCOR / United Methodist Disaster Recovery

Who remembers taking time during Wednesday Night Dinner to assemble flood buckets for UMCOR? Giving up just a little big of your time allowed Johns Creek UMC to assemble supplies for those in need.

Give Big during lent this season, instead of giving up! For every dessert you've turned down, give a few dollars to the UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief Special Offering on March 31. Giving up dessert never tasted so sweet!

April 7 & 14

Special Offering and Fundraising Kickoff for Rise Against Hunger

Give Big for every time you've given up that 5 minute snooze button for lent!

We'll be taking up a special offering for Rise Against Hunger April 7 & 14 to help us raise money for our food packing day in August. This year we plan on assembling more meals than we ever have before!

Every 5 dollars you give, every snooze button that goes unpressed, could help feed families around the world!