Tiffany McClure

Tiffany McClure is a recent transplant to Georgia, having moved here from Iowa. She has been involved in Children’s Ministries for over a decade now, from Alaska to Iowa to now Georgia and is beyond ecstatic to not have to shovel 2-3 feet of snow every few weeks.

Prior to her calling as a children’s minister, Tiffany was a weather anchor in Alaska (easiest job ever: “Cold today, cold tomorrow. Back to you, Bob”), a PR Executive in Hawaii (she has a BS in PR), a syndicated columnist and a stay at home mom of two children who are now teenagers.

Tiffany graduated from Eastern New Mexico University many, many, MANY years ago and later attended the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. She was commissioned as a Lay Pastor in Iowa, loathes the cold, and is extremely excited to be in Georgia and to be a part of the Johns Creek family.

Tiffany has two teenagers—Aly (15) and Tony (17) who attend Denmark High School; a husband, David, who does not attend Denmark High School; a dog who thinks he is a person; two cats who think they are the homeowners; and they had a Betta fish when they moved here but he didn’t make it. RIP, Swim Shady.

From enthusiastic (and frequently interactive) Children’s Messages on Sunday mornings to engaging and energetic Children’s Church lessons to Vacation Bible School to Advent Activities to Easter Celebrations, Children’s Ministry is truly her calling and she can’t imagine doing anything else. She truly believes every person has gift to offer when it comes to Children’s Ministries and loves inviting the congregation to be an active part of every child’s faith formation.

Her mission is to remind every child how very dearly they are loved by our amazing God, and for each child to realize they can be the hands and feet of God in the world by sharing that love with those around them.