Dear Coaches, Parents and Players:

We are excited to announce that we are planning to have a basketball season and that registration is now OPEN!

We are confident we will be able offer a safe and healthy season, as conditions evolve we will address policies and procedures as needed, as the season begins in January. We will be sharing specific policies for JCUMC with you over the coming weeks as they pertain specifically to our program.

We looking forward to this season to work on fundamentals, have fun, be safe and enjoy the game we all love.

Please remember to request your coach from last year if you would like to stay same team and also specify 1 practice day that does not work.

Program Details:
Basketball is offered to boys and girls first grade through sixth grade.
This program is a 1 practice/1 game per week setup.
There will be 9 practices and 8 games scheduled.
Practices begin the Week of January 2nd.
First game day is Saturday, January 14, 2023
All leagues are gender specific.
Pricing for the league is tiered by age group.

New Uniforms for each player are available, at a cost of $30.00. There will be two jerseys of better quality and style.

Refund Policy:  If requested by a family, we will refund 100% prior to January 1st.  We will offer 50% refund between January 4th and the end of the fourth week of game play.  There will be no refund offered after the fourth week of game play.

Cancellation Policy:  If we have to cancel the season based on church / state / county guidelines we will offer a refund prorated based on the number of weeks completed.  Example:  If we are forced to cancel the season after the second weekend of games, the player would be refunded 6/9 (2/3) of the season.  One week of practice and two weeks of game play were completed.

Please consider volunteering to coach!

Johns Creek United Methodist Recreation Program

Winter Basketball Registration Opens in October


JCUMC Team Plays in Atlanta Hawk Youth Classic

This February, one of Johns Creek UMC’s own recreational basketball teams received a unique opportunity. Team Liberty, made up of 5th and 6th grade girls, attended the Atlanta Hawks Youth Classic, organized by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Academy.

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Volunteer with Positive Coaching Alliance

PCA – Positive Coaching Alliance. We have partnered with PCA this season. Our soccer coaches meeting was fantastic and allowed for a top level coach to speak to the coaches before the season started. Lots of positive feedback by all that participated. We will also have access to online resources, coaching resources, coaching tip and talking points through this relationship.