STOP: Did you fill out the Preschool Summer Camp Form? You must fill out the form and receive an e-mail confirming your child’s spot from Karen Ogbogu before making your payment– otherwise your payment could be returned.

You must add each camp that you applied for individually.
Select a camp, then press Add to Cart. Each time you select a camp and press Add to Cart, it should be added to your cart on the PayPal Check Out page, which will pop up once you add your first camp. You must also add the $50 one-time registration fee per child for your spot to be saved.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Chrome as your default browser, you may need to click the “back” arrow once you are on the PayPal page, in order to continue selecting options and adding them to your cart before making your combined and final payment. If you click “continue shopping” on the PayPal page and it takes you to the main website page for Johns Creek UMC, rather than the Preschool page, try clicking the back arrow in your browser. If you are using Firefox as your default browser, you will likely not experience this issue.