Planting Seeds of Hope

The Church has Left the Building!... But hope continues to grow

In March of 2020, the way we saw church completely changed. While our beautiful building has housed our many services and ministries for years and years, we suddenly had to find ways of being the church without it.
But you planted the seeds. You continue to hope.
With your faith and passions for helping those in need, we've held drive by food drives, thrived in online worship services, sewn face masks and prayer shawls, shared in Zoom prayer mornings, and so much more. Thank you.
We hope you enjoy these weekly stories of hope, found below.


Rejoice in Hope, be Patient in Tribulation, be Constant in Prayer.
Romans 12:12

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Stories of Hope

This fall we’ll be "planting seeds of hope" by sharing uplifting messages through a series of weekly videos showing the many ways our church and our members continue to serve God and our community while things “are not normal”.  With the help of the Stewardship Committee, you will see and hear from friends who you may not have seen during this time when we’ve been physically apart.


Pastor Charley on Honoring Your 2020 Commitment

To kick off this series, we begin with a conversation between Pastor Charley and Stewardship team member, Brian Durham.  They share their thoughts on how our membership vows of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness ground our faith during these pandemic times and understand the message of hope as we continue to serve Christ in this world.

Sherry Williams on Stephen Ministry & Prayer

To continue this series, Sherry Williams, a Stephen Minister, shares her thoughts on being a Stephen Minister during the Pandemic and about the importance of prayer in her work as a Stephen Minister. 

Financial Update from Whitney Yancey

To continue this series, Whitney Yancey, a member of the Stewardship Committee and a former member of the Finance Committee, shares a financial update for the congregation. *This video was created in late August

Talking Presence with Kyle Stubbings

To continue this series, Kyle Stubbings, shares story of the importance of presence and connection with the church.



Hope Grows Here

How is Pledging Different From Giving?

When we ask families to pledge, we are asking them to commit to giving a certain amount of money in the year 2021. This helps us to budget for the upcoming year. You're not expected to donate the entire amount at the beginning of the year. While you certainly can contribute it as a one-time gift, most will fulfill their commitments through weekly or monthly contributions in 2021.
Last year we saw 70 new pledging families commit to supporting the missions and ministries of Johns Creek UMC! 
Are you ready to take that step? It's okay to start small, it's okay to start anywhere! We just want to celebrate your decision to help take on the responsibility of carrying the ministry of JCUMC into the next year. You can decrease or increase your pledged amount at any time by contacting Cheryl Small: