Our Faith in Action – Meals That Heal

Comfort food.  Soul food.  Bread of Life.  Meals that Heal.  As we all know food does so much more than the essential function of nourishing our bodies.  Meals provide comfort, fellowship, healing.  Meals that Heal is a volunteer-run ministry at JCUMC that provides food for families and individuals following the birth of a new child, during illness, recovery, crisis, or emergency situations.  All anyone has to do is ask.

With the help of 15 volunteers, Marilyn Crane reinstated Meals that Heal in 2017 after an 11-year program hiatus.  When Marilyn is contacted, she gets information about any dietary restrictions and the number of people in the family.  She reaches out to the volunteer team via phone or email to get a meal ready.

Miranda McLaren is one of the members of the Meals that Heal team; she says, “As a volunteer for Meals that Heal, I can say that helping out is easy.  If I have time in my schedule, I am happy to prepare a meal.  If I can’t, there is another team member who can step in to fill the need.  As someone who enjoys cooking, I know this is a way that I can serve despite a busy family and work schedule.  Delivering a meal gives me an opportunity to meet a member of JCUMC that I may not know.”

And while the Meals that Heal team doesn’t serve for the accolades, those who receive meals are appreciative.  One recent thank you email noted, “I can’t begin to thank you enough for the delicious chicken lasagna and salad that you brought us during [my husband’s] recovery.  It was such a blessing not to have to worry about fixing dinner that night.  Mary Sorrow was such a doll to deliver the meal to me.  We hit it off right away.  She just couldn’t have been kinder.  You all are such a Godsend to those who need you.  You provide a huge benefit to our church.”

If you or someone you know needs an extra hand in the form of a home-cooked meal delivered, please contact Marilyn Crane or email mealsthatheal@johnscreekumc.org.  Don’t hesitate to ask.