Our Faith and Action – Children’s Church

Children’s Church started in August 2017.  As Kirby Darden, the Director of Children’s Ministries, gears for up the second year, you may wonder what happens each Sunday when Kirby and the children (ages 3 through third grade) leave the sanctuary for Children’s Church.  Why are the kids (and parents) so excited to leave?  And, what are they doing down in the Chapel?

The kids are learning to worship through age appropriate songs and dances.  They hear the message in a video.  They are learning and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.  Collecting an offering and participating in communion are two other activities during Children’s Church.  The last part of Children’s Church is a craft or activity that extends the Bible lesson.

Some kids, parents, volunteers, and Kirby answered some other important questions about Children’ Church.

Why do the kids love it?


Why do parents love it?
“Kids hear the Sunday message through fun.”
“Our child gets additional fun and focus with friends and the Children’s Church leaders.”
“I don’t worry that my son is disturbing those around us.”
“As a parent, I gain time in church to truly reflect, focus on the sermon/message, while my child is in Children’s Church.”
“Our daughter is excited to attend service because of the children’s moment and children’s church.”


Why do the volunteers love it?
“Well-organized lessons”
“Spending time with the kids”
“Playing games with the kids”
“Minimal preparation from me—Kirby has done all of the work”
“I see that the kids are learning about worship by learning the Lord’s Prayer and by taking part in Communion.”


What’s Kirby’s favorite thing about Children’s Church?
“My favorite thing about Children’s Church is finding kid-appropriate ways to worship God. We sing and dance to worship songs with words that the kids understand, and we pray prayers that the kids can fully understand.”

Some Numbers
10 adult volunteers each week
47 volunteers on rotation schedule for 2017-18
48 highest number of attendees
30 average attendance

The Biggest Need
Children’s Church helpers, especially on a “substitute” basis. We have wonderful volunteers who help on a once-per-month rotation, but the biggest need is adults who would be willing and able to jump in and help the kids at the last moment.

If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis or a substitute basis, please contact connect@johnscreekumc.org.