My Mountaintop Moment

Marilyn Messerly
Church Member

I have been a traveler from a young age.  My parents instilled the love of travel in me and my brother and we have both traveled the world.

On by bucket list was a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru.  In January of 2004 that dream came true.  I was staying at the Sanctuary Hotel at the top of mountain so on Sunday morning I rose early and walked out onto the magnificent trail.  It was cloudy so I sat on a rock just to meditate and watch the scenery and birds flitting around.  As I sat there the sun was reaching the top of the mountain and broke through the clouds just as it reached the apex.

It was as if GOD was speaking to me.  I have always felt that my life has been guided by GOD and this said to me, “I am with you always”.


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