Shop with us March 15-17

We will have a gym full of kids' clothes, toys, and other necessities. 

Our consignment sale proceeds always go towards a mission project support by Johns Creek UMC.

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Seller Information

2018 Spring Consignment Sale - Seller Information

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Seller registration opens February 13 at 8 am.
*Please keep in mind we sold out of our seller numbers in one day last sale.  Seller numbers are not guaranteed and are on a first come, first serve basis-so do not delay

Volunteer and Shop Early!

Registration opens on February 13 at 8 AM 

Spring 2018 Volunteer Information

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 Questions about volunteering or selling? email:

Important Dates For Sellers and Volunteers

Wednesday, March 14th  |3:45 PM-8:00 PM   
Drop off by appt. every 15 minutes

Thursday, March 15th
8-11:00 AM
                      Drop off by appointment every 15 minute
2:30 PM                            Pre-sale for 9 HOUR VOLUNTEERS!          
3:00 PM                            Pre-sale for 6 HOUR VOLUNTEERS!
4:00 PM                            Pre-sale for 3 HOUR VOLUNTEERS!
5:00 PM                            Pre-sale for ALL SELLERS
6 PM -8:00 PM              Sale OPEN TO PUBLIC

Friday, March 16th
8:30 AM-1:30 PM
          Sale OPEN TO PUBLIC

Saturday, March 17th
7:45 AM 
                        50% Pre-sale for all Volunteers and Sellers
8:00 AM-1:00 PM         Sale OPEN TO PUBLIC
3:30 PM-4:15 PM          Sellers pick-up items not being donated