3,4,&5 YEAR OLD: 9:45-10:45

The 3, 4, and 5-year-olds meet in room 164 by 9:45 on the 1st floor of the Education Building. Students will have Circle Time in room 164, then go to the room 163 to learn the Bible lesson and participate in activities. Students return to room 164 for snack, games, and craft. Parents pick up kids at 10:45 from room 164.

1ST GRADE-5TH GRADE: 9:45-10:45

Children check-in and begin Sunday School in their small group:

1st-3rd Grades meet in room 153

4th and 5th Grades meet in room 144

After Fellowship, Circle Time, and Team Building, all kids 1st through 5th grade will move to the Chapel for the Bible  lesson and praise music. Parents will collect their kids from the Chapel.