Everyone is welcome to be involved in a Sunday School class at JCUMC. You are encouraged to make Sunday morning at Johns Creek United Methodist Church a two - hour experience by attending a worship service and a Sunday School session. Sunday School is for everyone and there is a place for you at JCUMC. Sunday School is offered at 9:45 am.
Becoming part of a Sunday School class will give you:
  1. A caring home base within the congregation;
  2. Opportunities to learn more about the Bible, faith, and the church;
  3. A place to nurture growth in the relationships you care about: with God, with your family, with friends, and with the world you live in.
Come make yourself at home in a Sunday School class at Johns Creek UMC!

All Ages

Meets in Room 216

Contact: Jim Bryant  at Tempesun@yahoo.com

Who:  EVERYONE welcome!  Young, Older, Single, Married – All stages and ages (We have parents of a 4 year old, and several retired/nearly-retired members and everything in-between.) We average between 10 and 16 people each week.

What: Generally, we do Bible Study.  We have done Matthew, Genesis, Romans, the letters of John, Peter and Jude, the story of King David from 1st and 2nd Samuel and other Bible based studies.  Often we use a study book to guide our Bible study. We have about 5 or 6 members who take turns facilitating our lessons. We have some great conversations about how the Bible relates to our current events and situations.  You are welcome to participate to any degree that you are comfortable.

Social and Missions:  We are planning quarterly social events (Christmas Party, Game night, Summer picnic, etc.) as well as occasional mission projects (Smart Kids – Smart Lunch, Adopt-a-Family)

Recent Studies:  John: The Gospel of Light and Life by Adam Hamilton February 18 – March 25, 2018; Three Months with Matthew by Justo Gonzalez;, United Methodist Discipline;  A Study of Romans:  Good News for God’s People by William Carter

Meets in Room 201

Contact: Jill Morris at JMorris@youneedresults.com

Soul Sisters- a class for women with soul!  Come join women of all ages as we learn more about God, each other, and the world!

Young Adults & Young Families

Meets in Room 202 

Contact: Brian Durham or  Anne Gibson at bridges@johnscreekumc.org

Meets in Room 207

Contact: Brian Flaherty bflare77@gmail.com

Who:  Stages Sunday School embraces singles and couples walking through various “stages” of life from post college to early parenthood and beyond.

What: The Class delves deeper into the Bible through weekly studies guided by books based upon the Bible, or a theme, to foster group discussion.  The lessons are led by a rotation of class members.

Social and Missions: Outside of Sunday mornings, this group is committed to fellowship through regular gatherings, strengthening bonds established in Christ.

 Recent Studies:    The Five Love Languages:  The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman; John:  The Gospel of Light and Life by Adam Hamilton; The Way:  Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus by Adam Hamilton; Easter from the Back Side by J. Kalas;  Revival:  Faith as Wesley Lived It by Adam Hamilton; Parables from the Back Side by J. Ellsworth Kalas; Becoming the  When Christians Get It Wrong by Adam Hamilton.

Adults w/ Older Children & Teens

Meets in Room 218
Contact: Bill Oldham at crosswalk@johnscreekumc.org

Who:  If there were just one work to describe Crosswalk, it would be “caring”.  Although we have varied backgrounds and are at different stages in life—part of the workforce, semi-retired, retired—we feel a strong bond through our faith, our prayers for each other’s needs, and our openness to all.  On an average Sunday, we may have 12 or more people in our class.

What: Crosswalk is facilitated by fellow members, who volunteer to lead Sunday School discussions of our chosen books.  A few of our recent studies have included books by Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter.  We enjoy and encourage each other to contribute to our conversations and to share experiences.

Social and Missions:  We have an annual Christmas party, and have attended sports events and concerts together.  Crosswalk adopts a family every Christmas and we provide and serve meals for Rainbow Village.  Throughout the year, we take an active part in serving JCUMC and the community.

Recent Studies:  Made for a Miracle by Mike Slaughter, Creed: What Christians Believe and Why by Adam Hamilton; Final Words From the Cross by Adam Hamilton; Not a Silent Night:  Mary Looks Back to Bethlehem by Adam Hamilton.

Meets in Room 221
Contact: David Cox at faithandfamily@johnscreekumc.org

Who:  Our group is primarily parents with teen/young adult children that are high school age or beyond.  We have a variety of participants, including couples, single-parents, and parents with non-attending Church/Sunday School spouses.  Our ages primarily range from 40-55.  We average between 8 to 16 attendees each week.

What: We like to use current religious books/DVDs that assist us as Parents, as Christian Disciples, and as Followers of Christ by using class discussion, life experiences, and the book/DVD as a facilitating guide. As an example, we like the works of Adam Hamilton, James Moore, and Ellsworth Kalas and others.

Currently, we have 1-2 members that lead most of the facilitation due to most members not enjoying the role of facilitation.  There is little prep needed to participate (actively or passively) but reading a chapter in the book we are covering usually improves the class discussion.

Social and Missions:  We try to have one class social a year (Christmas Party) as well as several mission projects (Smart Kids – Smart Lunch, Adopt-a-Family, Great Day of Service, Trinity Kitchen)

 Recent Studies:  Creed by Adam Hamilton February 18 – March 25, 2018; The Five Love Languages of Teenagers:  The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively by Gary Chapman; Now That They Are Grown:  Successfully Parenting Your Grown Children by Ronald Greer; Love to Stay:  Sex, Grace, Commitment by Adam Hamilton.

Meets in Room 214
Contact: Ellen Queen at grace@johnscreekumc.org

Who:  Our class is diverse and inclusive – married, single, divorced, widowed, some with children, some without, some attending without spouses and some new to adult Sunday School.  We celebrate the diversity of perspective and points of view that our class members bring each week to our discussion and learning.  We appreciate discussion as a way to better understand our faith through a variety of studies.

What:  We enjoy contemporary studies that cause us to challenge our faith.  Some class favorites are “Living the Questions”, “Mere Christianity” and “The Will of God”.  We use a mix of DVDs, traditional Sunday School curriculum and classic writings of Christian authors.  In each of our studies, we look for ways to strengthen our faith as we continue our journey.

Several members take turns facilitating the discussions, and all class members are welcome to participate as they feel led any given Sunday.

Social and Missions:  The entire class gets together at least once each year outside class for fellowship.  Past events have been dinners at local restaurants, the IMAX at Fernbank, and attending services at other churches.  Often, a group of class members get together and support the church ministries like the Great Day of Service, Adopt a Family at Christmas, Rise Against Hunger, youth choir programs, and organ and other concerts.

Recent Studies:  What Are We Fighting For by Thomas J. Bickerton - April 15 – May 20, 2018; Way of Life by Brian D. McLaren – June 3 – 24, 2018; The Will of God by Leslie Weatherhead; Calvin VS Wesley:  Bringing Belief in Line with Practice by Don Thorsen.

Please contact Ginny Allen at ginallen13@gmail.com for where the group is currently meeting.

Who : Everyone of all ages welcome.  Currently members are age 50 and up, couples and singles, empty nesters.  We like to spend a little time before class on a social level and then take time to share prayer concerns and praises.  We love to eat so we have a snack breakfast the second Sunday of each month.  If you are a choir or orchestra member – we have members that are and we understand when you need to leave class early.  Averaging about 10 in attendance weekly.

What : Studies vary from light to deep with a variety of authors.  Facilitator led with lots of discussion.   Participation is completely at each member’s desire and comfort level.  We have 4 members who take turns facilitating but additional volunteers are always welcome.

Social and Missions : Very social group.  We like trivia, game nights, Super Bowl parties, Christmas parties, dinners out and any occasion to gather and fellowship.    We typically participate in a number of local mission projects each year – Adopt-A-Family, Rainbow Village, Trinity (soup kitchen).  Have a number of class members that have been to Guatemala from one to 7 times.   Typically well represented at the Annual Women’s and Men’s retreats.

Current Study : Recently completed Love Does by Bob Goff.

Mid-Life & Older Adults

Meets in Room 209
Contact: Jim Saffell jsaffel70@bellsouth.net or Linda Hailslip  whaislip@aol.com


Who:  We are happy to welcome new members! Our class studies the Bible to learn how to be a Christian, and how to live a Christian life in this place and at this time. We enjoy lively discussions about the curriculum, current events, and life at JCUMC.  We also enjoy getting together outside of church. Most of us are empty-nesters who are involved in the life and ministries of the church, as well as the community. We would be glad to share the areas that we enjoy - such as volunteering as a Kitchen Angel, volunteering at Children's Church, running the church library, serving on or chairing church committee, and  well as outside activities like the Norcross Coop, the Summit Counseling Center, the Interfaith Children's Movement, and the Johns Creek Arts Center to name a few.

What: Generally we use the Seasons of the Spirit lesson series,  a lectionary-based study series, but we do special studies during Advent and Lent.

Missions:  Our group forms the mainstay of JCUMC's participation in the Neighborhood Coop's Merry Market Christmas Program. We also participate in Smart Lunch, Smart Kid during the summer.

Social: Our main social event includes an annual Christmas party with dinner and White Elephant gift exchange, along with summer cookouts, theme parties for the Kentucky Derby, and St. Patrick's Day, and excursions such as the Van Gogh Immersive Experience..

Recent Studies: Seasons of the Spirit; Give Up Something Bad for Lent, by James Moore; Not a Silent Night: Mary Looks Back to Bethlehem, by Adam Hamilton; Christmas from the Back Side: A Different Look at the Story of Jesus' Birth, by J. Ellsworth Kalas

Meets in Room 200
Contact: Don Aichele, donaichele@aol.com

Who: Lively seniors welcome! Young-at-heart couples, singles, and widows. We average between 20-30 people each week.

What: This active group loves God, and loves studying God's word and its practical application in our lives. That is, how to become better neighbors while enhancing our service as the hands and feet of Christ. Teachers are members who rotate facilitation; participation varies from active listening to vibrant discussion.

Social and Missions: Our class of diverse adults leads us to a variety of missions in the church and community. We welcome new members and value the closeness of our numerous friendships. There is clearly an atmosphere of sincere caring about one another.

We have periodic social events (Christmas Party, restaurant lunches, etc.) as well as mission projects (Adopt A Family, Norcross Coop, etc.), and lots of volunteer service to JCUMC and its events.

Recent Studies: The Will of God, by Leslie Weatherhead; Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go, by Adam Hamilton; What's So Amazing About Grace?, by Phillip Yancey; The Wesleyan Way: A Faith that Matters, by Scott Jones