Devotion from Pastor Allen

Matthew 5:7
“Happy are people who show mercy, because they will receive mercy”

The Greek word for “mercy” translates (and I paraphrase) to walk in another’s shoes until you can think their thoughts, feel their feelings, understand their experiences.  Christ gives us a very tall order but such is His love.  This week I have worked hard trying to listen and understand the different perspectives and experiences.  I have learned much and seen some things that I did not like but I tried to “show mercy” because I do not understand  all the circumstances that lead to someone’s actions, “there but for the grace of God go I.”    Many are asking what can we do?  As I have prayed this too what I hear is “show my mercy, show my love”  Listen, learn, realize your experience is only one in billions and billions.  Realize that many of our black brothers and sisters have had different experiences that we need to listen to, Christ’s love demands it.

One more thing about the Greek translation of this verse it is conditional, according to Greek scholars.  It reads if you want mercy then you must show mercy.  Lord knows that I need a lot of mercy!  Therefore I need to give a lot of mercy.

This is only one of the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew.  There are several others and when read together and lived out will change your life.  And all require the grace of God for fruition.