As we approach fiscal year end for JCUMC on December, 2018, we would like to remind everyone to review their financial commitment made for the short year (July 2018-December 2018) and complete your pledge by the end of the year. We invite you to also pledge for the year of 2019, so that we may have a better understanding of our upcoming budget.

Why do I need to pledge for 18 months?
We are changing our fiscal year to fall in line with the calendar year. In order to avoid doing two campaigns in 2018, we are asking you to provide an estimate for both the short year (Jul – Dec 2018) and the 2019 calendar year (Jan-Dec 2019).

If you have any questions about your pledge, please contact Cheryl Small in Finance.


Quarterly Financial Snapshot

2018 – 3rd Quarter Financial Snapshot



Please prayerfully consider your talents that you would like to contribute to the various ministries, missions and administrative functions of JCUMC. To see the many wonderful areas of interest you can choose to be a part of click here. To ensure you are connected with your area of interest without delay, please complete the form and give it to a member of the clergy or staff of JCUMC as soon as possible!

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After you’ve completed your spiritual gifts class and have taken the inventory, fill out the Time and Talents Survey below.

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