Fiscal Year Change

The Church Council decided to change the church’s fiscal year from what it is now (July to June), to a January-to-December period that matches the calendar year. A fiscal year is the twelve-month period that an organization uses for budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting. Churches, like businesses, can choose any 12-month period that helps them to manage their financial operations (so long as they remain consistent).

There are two very important reasons for making this change. First, we want our church’s fiscal year to align with the January-December fiscal year used by the North Georgia Annual Conference and the January-December fiscal year used by our members and constituents in their personal finances. Second, we want to have our budgeting process line up with the Annual Conference’s timeline for making pastoral appointments, which is not currently the case.

We hope this video has eliminated any confusion or concern regarding this change. If you still have questions, you may contact Rev. Dr. Brandon Harris:

Letter to the Congregation from the Finance Committee