Due to an increase in phishing scams and spam e-mail, your e-mail provider may be making it a little more difficult to receive newsletters and updates from Johns Creek UMC. Not to worry! There are steps you can take to reassure your e-mail provider that you do want to receive our emails.

What is a phishing scam? It’s when someone tries to impersonate someone you know through a fake e-mail address. Their goal is to convince you to give them money either through buying gift cards or sending money to an account.

Step 1. Check All E-Mail Folders

It could be that you are receiving our e-mails, but they’ve been placed in a different folder. Check your spam folder, and any other folders your provider may have set up, such as one for Promotions, Social Media, Updates, etc.

Step 2. Re-subscribe Below

It’s good to remind your e-mail provider “what you signed up for.” There could have also been a time where you accidentally unsubscribed from our e-mail lists. If that’s the case, you’ll be entered back into the system. If you never unsubscribed, you’ll see a notification pop up after clicking Subscribe that tells you that you’re already signed up. Click the “update your profile” link it provides and follow the instructions.


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Email Lists

Step 3. Add Us to Your E-Mail Address Book/Contacts

This lets your e-mail provider know that you know the people that our e-mails are coming from. This will help prevent them from being blocked or going to spam. Please enter the addresses below into your address book.





Are You Using a Work E-mail Address?

Company e-mail addresses often have extra protections on them. If the steps above don’t help you, ask your office tech support if there’s something blocking e-mails from Johns Creek UMC or MailChimp servers. They may need to add our IP addresses to their allowlist. Generally, only corporate domains can do this. Consumer ISPs won’t add IP addresses to their allowlists on a case-by-case basis. (We work with consumer ISPs in other ways, though, to help ensure that our servers can deliver mail to them.)

Typically, subscribers should ask their server administrator or IT department to handle allowlisting Mailchimp’s servers.