A Prayer for Moments of Joy

Hey everyone!  Confession:  I have tried to sit down and record a video at least three times this week.  Each time I have come up short. I know this is because I have not been prioritizing my personal devotional time.  Therefore, today I offer you a prayer I am praying for myself.   I am reminded of the gift Jesus offers the woman at the well in John 4: the gift of Living Water which will never allow our souls to run dry.
 I hope this is helpful to you in these times.  Love you all!  – Pastor Lori

Loving God,
Another day has begun.  This day looks very much like yesterday and the day before. 
Surprise me today, O God, with moments of grace and joy. 
Break up the monotony with an in-breaking of your glory. 
Remind me of your presence with me as I go about my daily tasks. 
Remind me to be gracious with myself, with my family, and with others. 
Remind me that today is indeed a gift from you and that I should rejoice and be glad in it.
Allow me to drink deeply of your Living Water today.  Water my soul so that seeds of contentment will be sown in place of weeds of resentment, so that seeds of joy will replace weeds of bitterness, so that love will flourish and grow today and always.