A Devotion on Being Still

Psalm 46
Be Still 


We have been asked by the government to do nothing for a little while.  I have heard the slogan:

“When you do nothing you are doing something”

But doing nothing can be hard!  I once took a year long sabbatical that at first was wonderful, like an endless weekend, but then began to feel like “nothing.”  But this time turned out to be the most productive time of my life for my soul.

Psalm 46 says “Be still and know that I am God.”  This “know” refers to an experience with the Spirit of the living God.  But the psalmist knew we must practice being still:
-Pray.  Talk awhile then just listen for as long as you can.
-Read and pray the Scriptures.  Ask God to speak to you “your servant is listening”
-Meditate.  Do nothing, say nothing just be.  Some folks combine this with their exercise routine-

-And get outside and enjoy creation (my personal favorite)

You have an opportunity to do “nothing.”  I pray this will be a productive time for you.  Rest, spend some time with loved ones, and BE Still.  This too shall pass before we realize it and it will be back to normal before long.  Then we will long for an opportunity to do something through doing nothing.

Blessings and love

Pastor Allen