40 Days of Prayer | Prayers for the North Georgia Conference

To help prepare our hearts and minds for this transition, we have been joining together in prayer for Pastor Sondra, Pastor Charley, and the North Georgia Conference. We will be sharing prayers that have been submitted by members of our congregation over these next few weeks. You will find these shared on social media, through e-mail, and in the Bridge at the Creek. If you would like to contribute a prayer, please e-mail Chet Burdick: chetburdick@bellsouth.net

About The North Georgia Conference

Comprised of more than 800 churches, more than 1,300 clergy members, and more than 360,000 lay members, The United Methodist Churches the North Georgia Conference see a lot of change in June, after Annual Conference. Annual Conference is a yearly gathering where North Georgia clergy and laity come together to discuss important issues and celebrate those newly ordained and commissioned, and lift up the success of our many ministry areas. At the end of conference, each Distract Superintendent is prayed over by the bishop, and the changing appointments are fixed.


This year about 100 pastors were appointed to new churches and congregations, including our own pastor. The bishop and the cabinet make these changes for a number of reasons, all based on the current needs of the churches involved. Whether a pastor has been with the same congregation for 10 years or 2, saying goodbye and looking to the future can feel overwhelming.

One of the great things about being United Methodist, is that our churches are incredibly connected in a number of ways – one of those ways being prayer. We have spent the last few weeks praying for Pastors Charley and Sondra, just like Pasadena Community Church is praying for Pastor Charley and their incoming pastor, and like Canon UMC is praying for Pastor Sondra, and their previous pastors. Through these prayers, we show our compassion and support for all who are facing these changes in leadership.

In our final week of our 40 Days of Prayer, we ask that you keep the North Georgia Conference in your prayers as the reappointed clergy start to settle into their new homes and congregations, and we anticipate the arrival of our own newly appointed pastor this Sunday.



Prayers for the North Georgia Conference


Dear Lord,

Please bless every church in the North Georgia Conference with your guidance as they experience changes this summer.  May we all remember that your hand is guiding every decision and trust in the process.  May each and every member of the clergy adjust easily to their new homes in their new churches with their new parishioners.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Debbie Baugher


Dear lord, help the all the churches in the North Georgia District of the UMC as they transition with new and returning pastors. Give all these churches and their pastors the strength and patience to make these changes in a positive way. Help them bring peace and understanding to all people of their churches. Amen.

Bill Oskin


Hear my prayer Lord,

Send your spirit to guide Pastor Charley as he leaves his long tenure and makes his way “home.” JCUMC will be ready to greet his appointment with hospitality and love. Bless his family and guide them as only you can.

In Christ’s blessed name,

Jodi Jernigan


Our Precious Heavenly Father we pray for all of the churches in the North Georgia Conference but especially we pray for the churches that are losing and gaining new clergy.  May their transition be a smooth one and may the congregations welcome their new clergy with open arms.  We know, Lord, that it is sometimes difficult to lose a pastor who has been our comfort in times of a spiritual crisis.  Comfort us during this time of transition.

In Christ’s Holy Name, Amen

Chet Burdick


Almighty God,

Although we cannot know or understand your ways, we have faith that your will is good and ultimately lands us where your purposes may come to fruition.  Change is inherently hard for humans, but we recognize that only through change can your kingdom, the home for which we yearn, ultimately come to us. Walk with Sondra to her new assignment, and let her feel the warmth of your love, as that of an approving parent, and let her hear your exuberant encouragement, as that of a friend.  Walk with our new pastor, Charley, to his new assignment, and let him feel the confidence that you have in the skills he has developed and in his ability to apply his gifts in ways that most please you. Mostly, God, we pray for ourselves, as a congregation, that you provide us with more faith to believe that individually, and collectively, we possess an awesome power to connect and partner with new leadership in ways that can change our souls, our community, and the world for your glory.

In Jesus’s name we pray.


Athena Doris