40 Days of Prayer | Prayers for Pastor Charley

We are about 40 days away from welcoming our new senior pastor into our ministry. To help prepare our hearts and minds for this transition, we will be joining together in prayer for Pastor Sondra, Pastor Charley, and the North Georgia Conference. We will be sharing prayers that have been submitted by members of our congregation over these next few weeks. You will find these shared on social media, through e-mail, and in the Bridge at the Creek. If you would like to contribute a prayer, please e-mail Chet Burdick: chetburdick@bellsouth.net

About Pastor Charley

Charley Reeb is the Senior Pastor of Pasadena Community Church (UMC) in St. Pete, Florida. He has a passion for preaching and loves helping other preachers hone their craft. With over twenty years of experience as a local pastor and fifteen years teaching the practice of preaching Charley has developed a reputation as not only an outstanding preacher but also as a coach who can equip preachers to be their best in the pulpit. In addition to serving as Senior Pastor of one of the largest United Methodist Churches in Florida, Charley teaches the practice of preaching for the Course of Study at Candler School of Theology and the License to Preach School for the Florida Conference of the UMC.

Besides being a pastor and teacher, Charley is also author of four books: Seven Wonders of the Faith, One
Heaven of a Party, Mission Possible (CSS) and That’ll Preach! 5 Simple Steps to Your Best Sermon Ever
(Abingdon Press). He is also a contributing writer for the Feasting on the Word commentary (Westminster
John Knox Press). Charley has written articles for Circuit Rider, Preaching magazine, Ministry Matters, and
Leading Ideas. He is also a frequent preacher on the national radio program Day1. Charley leads preaching
workshops and is a popular speaker at conferences and events.

Below are submitted prayers for Pastor Charley, his family, and his transition.


To Charley,

I pray that you and Brandy will feel reassured by God’s call to Johns Creek UMC, as you leave behind loving friends from Pasadena Community Church and the St. Petersburg area.  I pray that as you are ‘coming home’ to us, you will be greeted by a new church family that welcomes you with warmth and love.  I pray that our future together will be led by God to inspire and enrich our community in ways we never dreamed possible!

May God bless you for continuing diligently as His servant,

Jenni Tolliver

Precious Heavenly Father,

Please be with Rev. Charley Reeb, his wife, Brandy and his infant son, Paul, as they transition to Johns Creek United Methodist Church.  I pray that their transition will be a smooth one and that our congregation smothers them with love as they make them feel welcome.  I pray that Rev. Charley’s ministry at JCUMC will be accepted by all current members and that his presence will be felt throughout the North Georgia area.  I pray that many in the area who do not currently have a church home will find a permanent home at JCUMC where they will grow in their Christian faith.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,


Chet Burdick


Heavenly Father,

Please strengthen Pastor Charley and Brandy as they handle their move while saying goodbye to so many friends and church family in Florida. During  bittersweet moments, fill them with extreme joy that they are answering Your call of ministry, returning to family and friends in Georgia, and will be leading our welcoming church family in Johns Creek. Bless and keep the Reeb family in Your constant, loving care.

As we keep our eyes focused on You, Lord, support and guide us through a smooth transition and show us how to best serve You. With open hearts and minds, we renew our commitment to always be Your help and hope to our community, world, and each other.

In Jesus name we pray,


Mary Thompson


Lord, we pray that the Reeb family will find in Johns Creek UMC a welcoming home and family.  Please be present with Charley, Brandy and Paul to provide them with peace of mind and assurance as they transition to a new home, new neighbors and new parishioners.  We pray that their new home will provide them with many happy memories that will last a lifetime.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Mark Stalcup


Dear Lord, help JCUMC provide a warm welcome to Charley Reeb and his family as he begins his new ministry with us. Give him the strength and energy to make this move safely as he comes from St. Petersburg, Florida to our area. Lord, make Charley and his family feel at home with us at JCUMC. Help him guide and grow our church in future years and bless his ministry at JCUMC. Amen.

Bill Oskin


Our Father in heaven,  we prayerfully ask your peace, patience and strength for our new pastor Charley Reeb as he assumes his new role at JCUMC. We are thankful for him and for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things.

Laura Marcy


Thank you, Lord, for choosing for us a new pastor to lead our congregation in a direction that fulfills our purpose to be better disciples.  Help us to support Pastor Reeb as he and his family settle in to a new home and a new position.  You have so richly blessed us and we are ready to be a blessing in our community and in outreach for our missions.

In Jesus name,


Sylvia Haefer Rose