• Apr2018

    A Letter from the JCUMC Staff Parish Relations Committee Brothers and sisters in Christ, On behalf of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and District Superintendent Doug Thrasher, the Staff Parish Relations Committee at JCUMC is announcing our pastor appointments for 2018-19 year. The United Methodist Church has itinerant pastors, meaning they are...

  • Mar2018

    Keeping the Lights On

    March 15, 2018

    By Austin Webster JCUMC Member Growing up in Johns Creek, when not at school, I spent almost all my free time at the church. Between my brother’s Boy Scout meetings Monday nights in the Chapel, Wednesday Night Dinner and choir rehearsal, and soccer practice Thursday or Friday nights on the...

  • Feb2018

    Fiscal Year Change

    February 7, 2018

    The Church Council decided to change the church’s fiscal year from what it is now (July to June), to a January-to-December period that matches the calendar year. A fiscal year is the twelve-month period that an organization uses for budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting. Churches, like businesses, can choose...

  • Jan2018


    January 2, 2018

    Soon, our Sunday School leaders will post blogs to this page for you to read.

  • Dec2017

    Johns Creek United Methodist Church (JCUMC) is delighted to announce that for the third year in a row, over 600 children will receive Christmas gifts through the 2017 Norcross Co-Op (NCM) Christmas Program. The 14 days of the NCM Christmas Program connects over 1,000 volunteers, 800 families and 2,400 children...

  • Nov2017

    On Sunday evening, November 12, members of Johns Creek UMC joined their neighbors across the street,at Johns Creek Presbyterian, for a community Thanksgiving service. Pastors from both churches participated, as well as members of both choirs. The service was lead by Rev. Dr. Sondra Jones, Rev. Dr. Brandon Harris, and...