United Methodist Women and Men


United Methodist Women

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United Methodist Women Circles

The circles at Johns Creek UMC are small groups of women who meet regularly (monthly) for Christian fellowship, study, and mission projects.


The United Methodist Women (UMW) has 4 stated purposes.

  1. To Know God - examining our relationship with God and each other.
  2. To Experience Freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ.
  3. To Be A Creative, Supportive Fellowship as partners in God's mission
  4. To Expand the Concepts of Mission Work through the participation in Global Ministries of the church and through local community and congregational action.

Johns Creek UMW is extremely active and engaged in mission activity and support for the congregation, the community and the world.

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United Methodist Men

The UMM is open to men of all ages. The purpose of The UMM is to strengthen both the relationships and the spiritual life of men in the United Methodist Church.

The mission of Johns Creek United Methodist Men is to strengthen the spiritual life of men in the United Methodist Church. How does this happen? By reaching the hearts of men for Jesus Christ.

Reaching the hearts of men for Christ requires a focused strategy. We have 4 goals:

To help men grow spiritually
To become partners in ministry with clergy
To connect with young people, especially young men
To have an accountable male friend in Christ

Reaching the hearts of men for Christ means engaging men through ministry and developing them as Christian disciples. This concept is reflected in the overall theme of United Methodist Men, which is to offer ministry to men for a ministry by men.